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Why SMS Is A Particularly Effective Strategy


Mobiles give you an unprecedented level off direct access to local customers and leads. When it comes to choosing how you communicate with your customers and leads via their mobiles, text messages lead the field by far. They boast close to 100% open rates, hugely impressive conversion rates and much more.


In the section below we’ll be looking at why SMS is a particularly effective strategy for your local business and the benefits you can enjoy by implementing an effective text marketing campaign:


1. Open Rates


Text marketing boasts significant open rates of between 95% and 98%. This is more than three times higher than any other form of direct marketing with direct mail having an average read rate of 38.3% and email having an average open rate of 34.5%.


This is a huge benefit for your local business as it means that you can be confident that almost every customer or lead you target with text marketing will see your message. As a result of this increased visibility, your local business will naturally generate more sales and more profit.



  1. Email Open Rates
  2. Direct Mail Read Rates
  3. Text Marketing Open Rates


2. Conversion Rates


Text marketing is one of the highest converting forms of direct marketing with an average conversion rate of 8.2%. In comparison, direct mail has an average response rate of 4.4% and email marketing has an average conversion rate of 1.7%


When combined with the close to 100% open rates, this conversion rate makes text marketing makes one of the best ways to generate additional sales and profit for your local business. On average, for every 12 customers or leads you collect through a text marketing campaign, your local business will get an extra sale.




  1. Email & Text Conversion Rates
  2. Direct Mail Response Rates





3. Speed


In terms of delivery speed and response, no other form of direct marketing can match text marketing. Text messages take an average of 7 seconds to deliver and have an average response time of 90 seconds. Emails have much lower response times with the average person taking an average of 2.5 days to respond to an email.


This makes text marketing a perfect tool for giving your local businesses’ sales an instant boost. Simply send out a text message to your list of leads and customers and you can be generating additional sales within minutes.


The Average Text Message Response Time Is 2400 Times Faster Than The Average Email Response Time


4. Flexibility


Text marketing is a very flexible platform and does much more than bring direct sales and profit to your local business. You can create text marketing campaigns to inform customers and leads of changes to your opening hours, ask them questions, offer them freebies or simply just to maintain contact with them.


This helps build a stronger connection with your existing customers and leads and in the long term helps generate a positive brand image and repeat sales for your local business.


5. Easy Opt-In


Short codes make it extremely easy for customers and leads to opt-in to your text marketing campaigns. Instead of having to fill out a long form with all their details, people just text a short code to your specified text marketing number and they’re on the list. Opting out is just as easy and if people no longer wish to receive text messages from you, they simply text a short code to a number and they seamlessly opt-out.


This is great for your local business as the simplicity allows you to get a high opt-in rate on any text marketing campaigns you run and generate the maximum amount of customers and leads from them. The easy opt-out also helps to reduce complaints and ensures that your local business maintains a positive brand image even if people choose to no longer receive text messages from you.