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What Is Text Marketing?


One of the most common problems that businesses face is customer retention. While many business owners focus on finding new customers many forget the power of keeping the customers that they already have.
Just by building a good relationship with your current customers, it’s possible to maintain consistent profit even without collecting new patrons.
So what’s one of the most efficient ways to keep in contact with your customers?
The answer is using text marketing!
Your customers carry their mobile phone with them everywhere they go.
Sending SMS messages directly to your customers is a great way of keeping your business on their mind, wherever they happen to be.
You can:
  • Send them discounts and coupons off their next purchase and entice them back into your premises
  • Let your customer know when their order is ready
  • Let them know when you have new stock
  • Introduce them to any special offers you may be running

Just keeping your business on your customer’s radar is a great way of getting recurring orders and sales.
It’s much easier to profit from the customers you already have than finding new ones.
So let us help you set up a text marketing campaign for your business.

Get ready to…

  • Drive customers back to your business
  • Build a close relationship with your patrons
  • and increase your profit!

Our VIP text marketing club is a form of marketing that involves offering some form of incentive (such as a bonus or discount) in exchange for potential leads’ and customers’ mobile numbers. Once they provide you with a mobile number, it then gets added to a text marketing list which you can then message on a regular basis with local business updates, promotions, discounts and more to boost your profits and sales.

The basic process is as follows:


  • You Offer An Incentive (such as a discount or free product)
  • People Can Claim This Incentive By Texting A Code To A Mobile Number
  • You Place Details Of Your Offer In Front Of Potential Leads (on billboards, in local newspapers, within your local business premises, on your website etc)
  • People Who Text The Code Are Added To A Text Marketing List & Receive A Welcome Message (this welcome message provides them with details on how to claim the offer and also provides them with further information of the type of text messages you’ll be sending them going forward)
  • You Send Regular Messages To Your Text Marketing List & Generate Additional Sales & Profit (these messages contain a mixture of useful information, offers and calls to action)
  • As More People Text The Code & Get Added To Your Text Marketing List, You Generate Increased Profits & Sales From Each Text Message You Send



Text marketing is an extremely powerful tool but one very few local businesses are taking full advantage of. According to the latest statistics:

  1. 95%-98% Of Text Messages Are Read Within Minutes Of Receipt: This compares to an average email open rate of 34.7%. As a local business owner, there is no better way to instantly engage with almost all your leads and customers than text marketing.
  2. Text Messages Have An Average Conversion Rate Of 15%: This compares to an average email conversion rate of 1.7%. It represents a fantastic opportunity for your local business to increase its sales and profits.
  3. 83% of People That Receive Mobile Coupons Say They Would Like At Least 2 Messages Each Month: Unlike traditional forms of direct marketing (where people see the contact as unwanted), people who receive mobile coupons and text messages from their favorite stores  actually want more of them.  This represents a huge opportunity for your local business as you can generate additional sales by sending your customers and leads warranted  text messages which their have opted to have and they’ll thank you for it.
  4. People Take An Average of 90 Seconds To respond To A Text Message: This compares to an average email response time of 2.5 days. As a local business owner, text messages are the fastest ways to connect and engage with your leads and customers by far.
  5. 96% Of The World’s Population Had A Mobile Subscription At The End Of 2012: This compares to 31% of the world’s population having an email address. As a local business owner, this is a huge benefit as you can guarantee that almost every person you target with a text marketing campaign will be able to provide you with an active mobile number. However, with an email campaign, only one in three of the people you target will be able to provide you with an active email address.
  6. The Average Person Looks At Their Mobile 150 Times A Day: No other form of direct marketing comes close to this figure and it represents a huge opportunity to get your local businesses’ messages in front of customers and leads.


If your local business isn’t currently engaging in text marketing, then you’re missing out on large volumes of new customers, leads and sales. Our representatives will highlight  exactly how text marketing can boost your local business and providing you with a number of ideas for maximising the customers, leads and sales you get from your text marketing campaigns.