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The Basic Elements Of A Text Marketing Campaign

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In order for your  business to enjoy the benefits of text marketing , you need to have a solid text marketing campaign in place. With a strong campaign, you can maximise your opt-in  and conversion rates, build a high level of engagement with your customers  and bring in huge volumes of additional sales.


The section below discusses in greater detail how to create an effective text marketing campaign for your business:

Strong Opt-In Incentives


In order to get the highest opt-in rates on your text marketing campaigns, you need to be offering customers and leads something worthwhile in exchange for providing you with their mobile number. Bonuses, discount coupons and free products are all excellent opt-in incentives and by offering one or more of these, you’ll be rewarded with very favorable opt-in rates. These incentives also encourage people to visit your local business and directly drive additional sales.



Once you’ve got people to opt-in to your text marketing campaign, you want to ensure that they stay subscribed and don’t opt-out. The best way to do this is provide consistent value to the people on your text marketing list. This doesn’t mean every text message you send needs to give them a bonus or discount. However, if you strive to ensure that every message provides value to your customers and leads in some way, you’ll be rewarded with a loyal, responsive text marketing list.

Some great ways to provide value in your text messages include informing customers of any changes to your businesses opening hours, letting customers and leads know about new products and services in advance and asking their opinions from time to time.




Another way to ensure that people stay subscribed to your text marketing list is by making them feel special and letting them know that as a subscriber, they’re getting bonuses, discounts and information that aren’t available to anyone else. To build this feeling of exclusivity within your text marketing list, make sure you regularly let subscribers know that the information you’re providing them within the text messages is exclusive to them and constantly remind them how much you value them.




Consistency is another essential element for keeping your text marketing subscribers loyal and responsive. If you don’t text them for a month and then send them three offers within a week, they’re likely to forget who you are, see your messages as SPAM and unsubscribe. However, if you have a regular contact schedule and text your subscribers on a consistent basis, they’ll remember who you are, respond to your messages and most importantly stay subscribed.



With text marketing, people read and engage with your messages within seconds of you sending them. Therefore, it’s important that you stimulate an instant response and get them to act fast. This maximises the responses and conversion you get from each message.

To stimulate an instant response, try and include a strong call to action within every text message you send. For example, if you’re offering an exclusive discount to the people on your list, make it a one day discount that’s redeemable on the day you send the text message.




In order to get the most from your text marketing campaigns, you need to be collecting detailed statistics and using these statistics to your advantage. A good statistical base will allow you to constantly track and improve your opt-in rates, response rates and conversion rates and consistently increase your local businesses’ profit and sales as a result of your text marketing efforts.