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Text Message Marketing For Restaurants

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Dear restaurant owner.

How often do you look at your mobile phone?

 How far do you let your mobile phone get away from you?

 When you get a text message, how many of those messages do you read?

The three biggest challenges that face restaurant owners in todays market are…

  1. Keeping your restaurant full especially during non peek hours
  2. Building a loyal tribe of repeat customers especially in todays economical climate
  3. Breaking through the clutter to get customers to respond to your marketing message.

We at Text City have come up with the perfect solution. Our text marketing platform is designed specifically for restaurants in mind. We will increase customer frequency,  create business on demand, plus boost revenue with new and current customers  alike.


Choose from over 50 designs covering every type of restaurant imaginable or have our graphic design team produce a unique table top leaflet for you. We will include business cards, posters , QR codes as well as the coupon and vouchers that will sent to your customers. The leaflets will need to be placed in as many visible areas  as possible. Your members of staff will need to be proactive every step of the way and ask each and every customer to join your VIP Members Club to gain access to your special offers on a weekly or monthly basis. The more customers you have signed up to the members club, the more revenue you stand to make. Your customers simple text your keyword i.e. “Peter’s Pizza” to a designated short code number 60777 (charged at the same rate as a standard text message)   or scan the leaflets QR code with their phone. They will then instantly receive an auto response welcoming them to your VIP members club. This in turn give you their mobile phone  details allowing to advertise your products and entice them back in your premises .


Your customer receives an automated  response with a link to a discount code or voucher. This must be shown to your staff before being seated. Your text message can be anything you want but must  be a maximum of 160 characters. Your customer will then receive a maximum of one text per week with a compelling offer enticing them back in to your store.  Sending too many offers to your audience will lower your campaign results, sending too few of messages will accomplish the undesirable result of low redemption rates.

SMS marketing is still relatively new and text is still considered an intimate space (more so than email). As this form of marketing becomes more mainstream and universal, the accepted amount before annoyance will also increase.

Text “Eat Pelicans”  to 60777 to receive the auto mated response and view the voucher.


The link within the text messages leads to a mobile landing page. We can add as much text as you require. Bar codes and QR codes which can be read by your own POS systems. We can generate codes and will monitor and track the redemption rates. Links can be added redirecting your customers to your website or particular webpage, maps, email address, and a click to call button which can be diverted to any telephone number.

We will devise a exciting offer entice repeat customers back to your premises time after time.

“Get £3 off your total bill with the purchase of ______” or a viral text ” Forward this text on to 3 local friends & receive a free starter or dessert”

Imagine the type of impact that this type of message will have


97.5% of text messages are read within 5 seconds of being received which is why mobile marketing has an average redemption rate of 30% and above.

We track your campaign results every step of the way  to see what strategy works best for you and your business. You can view monthly reports informing you of progress. This is achieved via our control panel. There is no software to download or steep learning curve as we do every thing for you to guarantee your success.

We can also track how many coupons have been redeemed and monitor the significant increase in customer traffic at your premises.

We then analyze  these results, and plan for your next promotion.

We Guarantee success with a fully managed campaign.

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