Text City
VIP Club Overview

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  1. Your business offers an incentive to customers such as a discount or free product to join your VIP Club which will be displayed on the leaflet
  2. Your customers claim their incentive by Texting A keyword To a Short Code . TEXT “CLUB” TO 60777 (Try it yourself
  3. Place details of the offer in front of potential customers (leaflets, table top flyers, billboards, in local newspapers, within your local business premises, on your website etc.)
  4. Customers who text the code are simultaneously added to your customer list & receive a welcome message (this welcome message provides them with details on how to claim the offer and also provides them with further information of the type of text messages we will be sending them going forward)
  5. We send weekly messages to the customer list thus generating additional sales & profit (these messages contain a mixture of useful information, offers and calls to action)
  6. As more customers text in & get added to the  customer database, the owner generates increased foot fall profit & sales

Subscribed just five customers per day, seven days per week to your VIP Club ,within two months you’ll have approximately 280 subscribers. We send out 4 text messages per month enticing them back into your establishment.  The average redemption rate is between 15-34% compared to email which is 2-5% so we’ll be conservative and say that only 12% will redeem your offer and spend an average of £35.

280 x 4 x 12% x £35 = £4704

Your ROI would be approximately £4704 by month two. If you maintained 280 subscribers for the year that’s £54,448. But you don’t want to do that. Keep adding subscribers to you database and watch as your profits hit the roof.
Tell me Mr. Owner what would an extra £54K+ do for and your business?
And all this from only £1 per subscriber per month.