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How Text Marketing Increases Customer Retention


Text marketing is a fantastic tool for generating new customers, leads and sales. However, the true value in this marketing platform is customer retention. With an effective text marketing campaign, you can convert one time customers into customers for life and generate consistent sales and profits for your local business from the same pool of people.


The section below highlights exactly how a strong text marketing campaign can help your local business retain customers and generate lots of sales and profits in the process:


Multiple Communication Opportunities


Text marketing is one of the highest quality forms of marketing available. Unlike display ads which provide you with one opportunity to communicate your message to customers, text marketing allows you to capture a lead and potentially convert them into a customer for life who you can communicate with ongoing. Therefore, as a platform, text marketing naturally has much higher retention rates than almost any other form of marketing due to the potentially unlimited communication opportunities it gives you.




If you send a text message to your customers, you can be sure that over 95% of them will read it in the first few minutes after you send it, regardless of their location. This instant access to your customers generates very high levels of engagement with your text messages and your local business which results in your customers staying with you for longer, buying more goods and services from you and increasing your profits.


95% Of Your Text Marketing List Will Read The Messages You Send Within

Minutes Of Receipt


Brand Awareness


When people search for and buy from local businesses, they are usually focused on the product or service and pay little attention to the brand. For example, a customer looking for a local dentist is mainly interested in the service on offer – not the specific local business. A text marketing campaign allows you to use this initial focus on the product or service and develop strong brand awareness through your future text messages. With strong brand awareness, customers will naturally associate your local business with the product or service that you offer, choose you over your competitors and come back time and time again.


Calls To Action


An effective text marketing campaign that contains regular strong calls to action will encourage one time customers to buy goods and services from your local business more often. When you send out an exclusive offer or a time sensitive discount to your text marketing subscribers, many of them won’t be in the buying frame of mind before they see the message. However, the strong calls to action within these text messages can encourage them to visit your local business, buy products or services when they wouldn’t normally do so and help generate lots of consistent repeat sales for your local business in the process.



Additional Value


Customers love to feel valued. One of the most common customer complaints is that they don’t feel appreciated and one of the best ways to drive repeat business is to show customers you care about them. By providing them with regular discounts, exclusive content and more through your text messages, you can make your customers feel valued and secure their continued business for years and years to come.


SMS Marketing Campaign Ideas To Increase Your Profits


Text marketing is undoubtedly a useful local business tool that can improve customer retention and boost your profits and sales. However, to get the maximum value and profit from your text marketing, you need to implement an engaging and effective campaign.


In the section below we provide you with a number of ideas for doing exactly that. You can use these ideas as they are or adapt them to come up with your own unique text marketing campaigns:


Free Products & Services


One of the best ways to get people to opt-in to your text marketing campaigns is to offer a free product or service in exchange for a mobile number. These types of campaigns will naturally have a high opt-in rate because people want to gain access to the free product or service and will gladly provide their mobile number to do so. By promising and delivering further regular free products and services in exchange for staying on the list, you’ll also be able to give your text marketing retention a boost and minimize your unsubscribe rates.



Since people will have to visit your local business to claim their free product or service, every text message you send is a new opportunity to sell further products and services to them in person. This means you’ll increase your profits and sales every time you send a text message while also pleasing the people on your list.


Exclusive Discounts


Exclusive discounts have a similar appeal to free products and services and people will gladly provide their mobile number in order to receive regular exclusive discounts by text. The exclusivity combined with the actual discounts themselves will make the people on your text marketing list feel valued and as a result, you’ll enjoy high text marketing retention rates.


Text discounts are also a fantastic tool for increasing your local businesses’ profits because customers naturally want to make the most of their discount. This often results in them buying more products and services than they would without the discount in order to get maximum savings. For your local business, this leads to increased customer satisfaction, sales and profits.



SMS Reviews


Asking customers to rate or review your business by text is a fantastic way to get them on a text marketing update list. By responding to their review personally with a text back, you can also make them feel valued and increase the likelihood that they’ll stay subscribed. You can even combine SMS reviews with the techniques used above and give them a free product, free service or exclusive discount as a surprise reward for leaving their review or rating.


Doing this will boost your sales as customers claim the free product, service or discount. Additionally, it will give customers a very positive perception of your local business and make them much more likely to come back regularly, as they’ll be highly impressed that you care about their opinions and reward them for giving honest feedback.


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SMS Voting


SMS voting is a similar to SMS reviews and involves asking people to vote for or against something related to your local business. There are countless ways you can incorporate SMS voting into your text marketing campaigns. For example, if you are thinking of re-branding your local business, you could come up with two logos and ask customers to vote for the one they like best. Alternatively, if you are thinking about introducing new product lines or services into your local business, you could ask customers which one they like best. You can then collate the results, take action based on the option with the most votes and text back the voters to let them know which option won.


By incorporating SMS voting into your text marketing campaigns, you’ll build a strong sense of affinity with your customers and those who see the results of their winning votes in action. This will make them much more likely to buy from your local business which results in increased sales and profits for you.


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SMS Auctions


SMS auctions are an excellent way to get high levels of engagement and responsiveness from your text marketing campaigns. The way they work is that you auction off a product or service to the lowest unique bidder and ask people to make their bid by text. People will naturally be intrigued by the prospect of receiving a high value product or service at a very low price and so you’ll get lots of text votes. By promising regular SMS auctions, you can also ensure that these initial voters stay on your text marketing list and constantly engage with you which makes them much more likely to purchase from your local business in the future.



 SMS Alerts & Reminders


If you’re in the service industry, one really effective way to get customers to opt-in to your text marketing campaigns is to offer them alerts and reminders via text message. For example, if you’re a local dentist you can offer to text your customers appointment reminders the day before their appointment and text reminders when their teeth are due for a checkup. Alternatively, if you run a local garage, you can offer to text customers when their car is ready to be picked up and send them text reminders when their car is due for a tune up.


Your customers will absolutely love these text alerts and reminders because it gives them one less thing to think about and remember as they go about their day to day lives. As a result, they’ll be very eager to opt-in and stay subscribed. They’re also a brilliant opportunity for you as a local business owner to generate additional sales and profit because you can text customers special offers, product updates and more in-between the alerts and reminders.



Summary – Boost Your Local Business Profits With Text Marketing


Text marketing is a fantastic opportunity for your local business and one that you can easily start taking advantage of right away. Without text marketing your local business will be missing out on a large number of potential leads, repeat customers and sales. By getting started with a text marketing campaign today, you can ensure that you capture these potential leads, repeat customers and sales and increase your local businesses’ profits today.


To get started with a text marketing campaign for your local business, contact us  for a free consultation where we’ll discuss how text marketing can benefit your specific local business and how we can set you up with a high performance text marketing campaign.