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3 Easy Steps To Mobile Marketing Success

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Did you know, that the number one thing that separates a successful company from its competitors?

Almost all it boils down to is presence. The amount of individuals who You are able to reach at virtually any given moment.

The thing you need is a direct line to your clients and customers. A means to contact them at any time, day or night.

But exactly how are you going to accheive this?
With our done-for-you SMS (text messaging) service!

Instantly be heard from your customers when you want to be heard!

  • Turn slow times into busier times!
  • Drive more customers into your store!
  • Begin to build a database of 100% opt-in customers & prospective clients!
  • Build a long-lasting loyal fan-base!
  • Develop and grow your business quicker than you ever thought possible!

Whilst other marketing and advertising solutions may require a substantial investment, the cost of our text message service pales in comparison. Nevertheless the results are felt pretty much instantaneously. In addition, this is a done-for-you service, which means you get to concentrate on what you do best and thats running your business as apposed to worrying about learning any new software.

Furthermore we provide you with unique, branded, displays which will get your customers to opt-in immediately!

STEP 1: Build Your List

mobile_icon1City-Rank Text Marketing will create a marketing campaign designed to generate and grow your customers list within a matter of weeks. We will design table top leaflets, posters, business cards, etc built around your brand, which will incorporate your weekly special offer and promotions. This in turn will entice customers to opt in to your data base by scanning these promotional items with their QR code reader found on smart phones or by texting a keyword to our dedicated short code (i.e. TEXT PIZZA TO 60777)
These invitations must be placed in as many visible places as possible such as advertising boards outside your shop, shop windows, local newspapers, on your menu, tables, social media sites, banners etc. Your staff will need to mention the reward scheme to each and every customer who walks through your door. This allows you to capture the customers details for you to advertise to plus give them rewards or discount for using your products and services.

STEP 2: Create Your Marketing Message

mobile_messageOnce your customer has either scanned the QR code or texted in the keyword to our shortcode they will be sent an auto response message. This can be anything you want as long as it fits into 160 characters. We can send out a bulk SMS message to over 100,000 customers at any one time. Imagine 100,0000 customers using your services. Don’t worry, we are able to stagger your messages so they will not come at once.  An example of a successful marketing campaign would include: a special offer, a BOGOF campaign, a new product line, a discount when a certain amount is spent, alerts, auto responses, scheduled messages and reminders etc. Message ideas include: customer promotions during low-traffic times, clearance item notifications, new product announcements, holiday sales and more. You can target any group of customers any time, any place or anywhere especially a slow night at a restaurant or salon.
You can combine your text marketing campaign with word and PDF documents as well as  your website, pictures, and videos. You can even link customers to online promotions and information regarding a particular product. We can build you  an optimised mobile web page directing your clients to maybe your menu or price list. Once we  hit send your message goes directly to your customers mobile phone. Which can be sent to the entire list or a particular set of customers you wish to target. Please bare in mind that we

STEP 3 Track Your List

graph97.5% of text messages are read within 5 seconds of being received which is why mobile marketing has an average redemption rate of 30% and above.Results can be tracked by the redemption of mobile coupons and the significant increase in customer traffic at your business. Measure your results, plan for your next promotion and watch your sales grow. Follow up on customers with mobile e-cards, text offers, rewards, announcements, and more!